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Kat Marriner : September 15th, 2009

Think they’ll take bikes on that thing?


Dragon Boats racing along Portland's waterfront

We’d been in Portland only a couple hours and already we had cheered on cancer survivors paddling dragon boats, wondered through a street fair, and wove our way along the Waterfront Park bike path when we came upon Portland’s aerial tram.

A few months ago, when we were eagerly waiting for Seattle’s first line of light rail to open, we took a quick trip to Portland just to ride the rails. We trained and trolleyed, but didn’t have the time to hop on their newly opened tram connecting the waterfront to the hospital complex high on the hill. It was a stone left unturned, and here we were with our loaded touring bikes wanting to take that ride.

Portland Ariel Tram

Portland Ariel Tram

We watched a car come into the station and passengers offload and onload when I asked Willie if he thought we could takeĀ  bikes on that thing? He turned to me and said, “They’re not going to take bikes on that thing.” It was said with a definitive, almost scornful tone. So I smiled, walked over to the attenedent and asked the very same question. Just as definitive, but with an incredulous tone that I would even ask such a question, he said, “Of course you can take your bike.”

Welcome to Portland.

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