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Willie Weir : January 1st, 2013

Photos of the Day — Dec 25

Good food is a glorious gift I always appreciate. In fact, discovering good food prepared well is one of my main motivations for travel. The crab with Kampot green peppercorns at the Kimly crab shack in Kep, Cambodia, was gift worthy of Christmas day. We shared the meal with fellow-cyclist and food-lover, Tibor Barna, from […]

Willie Weir : January 1st, 2013

Photos of the Day — Dec 24

Our day starts early to get a few kilometers down the road in the fresh and cool morning hours. That means we are often looking for breakfast before dawn and before the soup pots and coffee are ready. We wait expectantly for Cambodia to wake and greet the day. -k.

After many days pedaling along […]

Willie Weir : January 1st, 2013

Photos of the Day — Dec 23

On a hot, humid day, dodging pot holes in the semi-paved road, we almost missed this grand entry gate. It brought back memories of our visit to Ankor Wat seven years ago. The vast temple complex made us want to spend more time in Cambodia. I’m glad we made it happen. -w

There is a […]

Willie Weir : January 1st, 2013

Photos of the Day — Dec 22

The lotus flower thrives in the water collected in ditches and canals on the side of the road. Often the grand view is tarnished with litter, especially plastic bags. It is then that it is best to focus closely on the flower itself. Beautiful in any surrounding. -w

Roadside cookery is often a mystery, and […]

Willie Weir : January 1st, 2013

Photos of the Day — Dec 21

A day after visiting the genocide museum in Phnom Penh, it’s good to see beauty in everyday things. Life continues and the pendulum swings in the search for balance. -k.

We experience little of the Christmas retail insanity here in Cambodia. So seeing three girls on a scooter gazing in at the Christmas display, brings […]

Willie Weir : December 27th, 2012

Tips for cycling/traveling in Myanmar

Myanmar is in the news. It is ranked as one of the top five travel destinations by several major publications. President Obama became the first US president to visit while in office. Makes you want to take a bike trip there, doesn’t it?

We did. We toured Myanmar (Burma) from October 21 – […]

Willie Weir : December 25th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 20

Beyond the barbed wire fence is the courtyard of the school turned torture prison in Phnom Penh. Over 20,000 people were tortured at Tuol Sleng school when the Khmer Rouge turned it into S-21, one of the places they used to extract confessions of individuals who they would later exterminate in the ‘killing fields”. This […]

Willie Weir : December 24th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 18

Those good, old machines don’t ever really die, they gets recycled in SE Asian markets. We passed at least 3 shops in Kampong Cham market that were floor to ceiling sewing machines for sale. Perhaps there is a garment factory close by keeping the second-hand traders in full supply. -k.

It pains me to look […]

Willie Weir : December 22nd, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 17

His name was Rity (pronounced with a trilled “r”), and about the most charming young monk you’ll ever meet. He was so exuberant, and wanted to be able to tell us all about the temple in a small village along the Mekong, completely adorned in mostly fresh murals. But the little English he knew was […]

Willie Weir : December 21st, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 16

Pajamas are all the rage in Cambodia. Often worn over a warm turtleneck sweater this time of year for extra warmth. For a while I even considered buying a cute set for my cycling kit. Usually they are in bright, cheery colors and flamboyant patterns that pop out, but here this vendor in the market […]