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Willie Weir : September 5th, 2011

Spirited Reception

Kat and I took a break from the heat and humidity under a tree in northern Thailand. We laid our bikes down by the side of the road and dug through our panniers looking for snacks.

The tree was enormous and the base of its trunk was decorated with colorful ribbons of silk. […]

Willie Weir : August 15th, 2011

Total Bliss

One of my favorite moments of any bike trip comes when I’m not on my bike. It is that time after a long day’s ride. The tent is set up. The sun is getting low in the sky. There is nothing to do but observe the beauty around me and listen to the world […]

Willie Weir : July 14th, 2011

Bicycle Lingering

We always talk about bicycle travel. But what about bicycle lingering?

Bicycle lingering is that ability to stop forward motion, pause, and soak up what is around you.

Cafes. Ice cream parlors. Roadside restaurants. City parks. Riverside picnic tables. They all call out for you to park your bike and linger.


Willie Weir : May 4th, 2011

Up Close and Intense

If I had to choose one photo I’ve taken that captures the view of the world you get when you travel by bicycle, this is it.

Up close and intense.

It’s 1995. Nelson Mandela has been president for less than a year. I’m on a five-month bike trip in South Africa, where I’m told […]

Willie Weir : April 24th, 2011


A policeman stopped our progress through the small town of Manteigas, Portugal. There was no traffic — no apparent accident or emergency. We parked our bikes and waited. We heard the music of a marching band long before the processional turned a corner and came into view. It appeared as if the entire town […]

Willie Weir : November 28th, 2010

Our 4 mph Hero

We pedaled into a small Portuguese village late in the evening. There was the typical group of old men hanging out at the edge of town–all wearing jackets and caps, all sporting canes. We asked them if there was a campground.

No campground or hotel we were assured. The sun was low […]

Willie Weir : November 25th, 2010


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Willie Weir : August 27th, 2010

Lift Off

As Kat and I rush around trying to get ready for a bicycle trip in Spain and Portugal, I’m reminded of a column I wrote for Adventure Cyclist magazine as we were rushing around trying to get ready for a bicycle trip in Colombia. Time has passed, but not much has changed.

The following is […]

Willie Weir : May 26th, 2010

Inspiring the Next Generation of Adventure Cyclists

That’s me. On my bike. On Earth.

The artist is Zak and he attends a primary school in Washington state where I presented an assembly entitled “The World’s Greatest SUV”. It introduces kids to the magic and wonders of bicycle travel.

If you haven’t ever talked to young students about your bicycle travels … […]

Willie Weir : September 14th, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist

The city bike journey begins at the AMTRAK station in Portland

Every bike trip I’ve ever done begins with landing in a city … and getting out as fast as possible. The trip doesn’t really begin until you get out into the countryside and set up your tent.

But what if rather than having […]