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Willie Weir : September 21st, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist–Lodging Report

Alright. A week-long bicycle journey in the city limits of Portland with no hotel reservations. How did we do it?

Sunday: Crashed on the floor of a delightful couple we met on the river trail.

Monday: Camped on Sauvie Island. Camping costs $17, but it’s $12 if you arrive by bike.

Tuesday: Camped in the […]

Willie Weir : September 21st, 2009

Are Your Friends Making You Bike?

While riding down on the train for our bike trip within the city limits of Portland, Kat and I read Clive Thompson’s article Are Your Friends Making You Fat? in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. The article goes into great detail about how our social networks influence us. Obesity, smoking, happiness and loneliness spread […]

Kat Marriner : September 18th, 2009

I Slow for Art

Painted circle

Citizens of Portland on occasion have taken it into their own hands to calm traffic in their neighborhoods. We rode our bikes over a hand-painted traffic circle at a wide and inviting intersection otherwise unmarked. Further along Alberta is a playful house with whimsical shapes painted on the street. I have no […]

Willie Weir : September 16th, 2009

Lodging Sunday night: Are you Willie?

Kelly, Ben and Silka

Our goal is to spend a week traveling in Portland with camping supplies in tow, and see what happens. No hotels. No hostel.

This is easy out in the countryside or in small towns, but cities can be lonely places crammed with lots of people.

“Are you Willie?” I turned […]

Kat Marriner : September 15th, 2009

Think they’ll take bikes on that thing?

Dragon Boats racing along Portland's waterfront

We’d been in Portland only a couple hours and already we had cheered on cancer survivors paddling dragon boats, wondered through a street fair, and wove our way along the Waterfront Park bike path when we came upon Portland’s aerial tram.

A few months ago, when we were […]

Willie Weir : September 14th, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist

The city bike journey begins at the AMTRAK station in Portland

Every bike trip I’ve ever done begins with landing in a city … and getting out as fast as possible. The trip doesn’t really begin until you get out into the countryside and set up your tent.

But what if rather than having […]

Willie Weir : September 14th, 2009

No Box Required

AMTRAK with the New York Times

No Box Required

Riding a bike is a joy. Traveling with a bike can be a major hassle. Once you stop pedaling, a bike can be a traveling liability. Most buses, trains and airplanes in the US require you to box your bike. But times are changing. More […]