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Willie Weir : January 9th, 2012

Point of Entry (one of the greatest travel songs ever written)

Point of Entry

“Give the world outside a point of entry. It’ll give back to you.”

That lyric stuck in my soul the first time I heard it in Larry Murante’s title song of his album Point of Entry.

Music is an incredible force, and each listener interprets what they hear in their own way. Words can be heard and quickly forgotten, but put them to music, and they will most likely be with you forever.

I know for a fact that Larry didn’t set out to write a bicycle travel tune. But that is exactly what it is for me. My “point of entry” is my bicycle. It allows me to be more engaged, more vulnerable, and more in touch with the world around me.

With that in mind, listen to the tune with added images, and you may agree that this is one of the most beautiful bicycle travel songs ever written.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

Note: Larry will be performing this song live at my presentation, Come to Your Senses: A Celebration of Bicycle Travel at Seattle’s REI Flagship on Tuesday, Feb 7th at 7pm. Advance tickets at:
Brown Paper Tickets

1 comment to Point of Entry (one of the greatest travel songs ever written)

  • Dolly Craft

    I absolutely LOVE Point of Entry. And I was super-psyched that CIBA got to hear your presentation before Cascade (minus live music).

    But I am ready for a new posting at Yellow tent adventures, please.

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