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Willie Weir : October 30th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Oct 30

Full moon rising over Bagan. We are fortunate to be in Bagan during this full moon festival when thousands of local tourists come to visit as well. The big pagodas are packed with people, but we scoped out a lesser one where we could take in the spectacular sunset and harvest moon rising without hordes of people. Some temples were lit by candle light and floodlight, but only the sunset rivaled the moonrise for pure beauty. -kat

Don’t miss sunrise (or sunset) while you are in Bagan. This ancient temple complex is a panarama you will never forget. Hot air balloons take off with the sunrise. We couldn’t afford the steep fare, but we enjoyed watching them float gracefully by. -willie

4 comments to Photos of the Day — Oct 30

  • Becky Jacobson

    These are spectacular. Love seeing the sights from afar. Makes me long for travel. Keep them coming when you can.

  • Justine and Brad

    The photos are gorgeous and warm, snowing in Juneau and Storm Sandy in NY!

  • Noni/Mom

    The moon looks like a luscious orange….unreal. Smiles from everyone and a bright moon to varify it…you must be soaking-up much joy. Wonderful! Much love, Noni/Mom

  • Kat & Willie, I’m following your ongoing adventures & in January will be following in your footsteps in Myanmar. Wonderful photos, as always, & your personal experiences are inspiring. Your comments about friendly, smiling people confirm what the tour books say about the Burmese people.

    How, I wonder, is the weather this time of year? Hot days? Humid or dry? Best wishes to you both, keep on pedaling, keep on inspiring us all.

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