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Willie Weir : November 29th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 29

Lunch stops continue to be a window into the lives of the local people. We found this little roadside kitchen after visiting a tranquil waterfall swimming hole a couple of kilometers off the main road. The basket of sauces and chili on the table, fresh greens, and giant pots of soup are sure signs of a good meal. Here we even got a language lesson from another diner for all the tasty add-ins to make it just the way we liked it. This was a fabulous soup and true locals place not in any guidebook. -k.

The Bolaven Plateau has plenty of coffee and waterfalls. Lao produces some of the best and most expensive coffee beans on the planet. It’s hard to capture a perfect cup of coffee in a photo, so here is Tat Yuang. As we are entering the dry season, I expected the falls to be less than spectacular. Standing at the bottom of these twin falls, with the mist and cool wind tickling my face, I was impressed, but mostly giddy with delight. -w

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