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Willie Weir : November 21st, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 21

I had to go to Bangkok’s central train station to get tickets for our journey east to Ubon. I was trying to find the baggage department where we will take our bikes to be weighed, and I stumbled upon this Buddha all packed up for travel. At least I think it is a Buddha. Could be a bag of interestingly stacked bowling balls … but my money’s on the Buddha. -w

What a difference a month makes. We return to Bangkok and it now feels so clean and orderly! In true Willie Weir-fashion, we boarded a city bus to get across town instead of resorting to the taxis available on any street. The bus was surprisingly efficient, clean, air conditioned, and of course super cheap. I can not say the same for our local bus in Seattle. -k.

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