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Willie Weir : November 18th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 18

Capitalism at work on the streets on Yangon as entrepreneurs quickly embrace the excitement of Obama’s pending visit. I turned this t-shirt on the sidewalk by Bogyoke Market towards the light, only to reveal the begger sitting on the sidewalk just beyond. The great hope and great hardship side-by-side. It’s a hard life in Myanmar for the masses. Poverty and disability magnifies that difficulty beyond imagination. May all countries, including my own, take care of those who need it most. -k.

Walking the backstreets of downtown Yangon, I came upon this bicycle. Such a classic for Myanmar. A single speed with bamboo polls lashed to the frame and rack, with an old tire tube used as a long bungee chord. With this setup you can deliver boxes, furniture, chickens, construction materials, and just about anything else. A workhorse of a vehicle that doesn’t run on expensive petrol, and can weave in and out of city traffic. -w

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