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Willie Weir : November 16th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 16

From atop our hotel rooftop garden Mandalay is beautiful. From the ground, it is a dirty, gritty city. There are pockets of tremendous beauty amongst a vast tangle of muddy streets, open sewers, piles of construction waste with well-aged bits of litter woven through it all. I snapped this photo of an advertisement for beauty cream, or shampoo, or skin whitener on the side of a truck. Beyond is where I’ll be walking to get back to our hotel. -w

Mandalay, like nearly every other city we visited, has a garbage problem. They also have a sidewalk problem since many sidewalks are really covered sewage channels. Clearly few people walk the sidewalks since we were often the only people walking, and many of the concrete plates covering the sewage are broken or missing. It’s walker beware! -k

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