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Willie Weir : December 8th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 8 — Two Views

The next morning we continued pedaling down the west bank of the Mekong. We startled several kids, not used to having “falangs” on their walking route. Some of them even ran away from us. It was a Saturday, so many families were hanging out together under their simple wooden homes, built on stilts

We passed a man, sitting on the bank, high above the Mekong, mending a fishing net. The early morning light was fabulous, so I turned around and pedaled back. I asked if I could take a photo, and positioned myself so I could capture his silhouette. Kat turned back as well, and snapped some photos of the same fisherman, with his face glowing in the morning light. Two different angles of the same moment in time. -w

Morning light bathes this fisherman as he weaves his net. His hands dance in a well-worn rhythm of his craft. There is a certain serenity to him as he performs his hook-loop-and-twist, loop-and twist. -k

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