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Willie Weir : December 7th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 7 — Cards & Great Route to School

“I call your bluff, sister.”
The game was so hot I doubt they registered I was there. All the better for a peek into what really happens Saturday morning in the back allies along the Mekong. -k.

Kat and I were pedaling down the west bank of the Mekong. The official road is further west, but a lane, and sometimes just a path, skirts the edge of the river. Our forward progress ended and we had to take a small boat across one of the Mekong’s many tributaries. It was just Kat and I, and a guy on a scooter, loaded on to this boat that was attached to a line across the river. A woman in the boat pulled us across.

We wondered just how many people you could get on to this little boat? We had our answer minutes later, as school got out and a flow of kids with their bikes arrived at our side of the river. The answer is 18 school kids and their bikes. The crossing itself took 90 seconds, with the landing and deboarding process taking up another 5 minutes. From a distance, the kids with their bikes looked like ants exiting a big leaf and working their way up the hill.

This has to be one of the coolest bike-to-school routes on the planet! Wouldn’t you agree?

1 comment to Photos of the Day — Dec 7 — Cards & Great Route to School

  • Noni/Mom

    This is a stunning picture….and a perfect one for you to use when you speak in the schools! Wow. I thought at first glance they were ants, too. Enjoy all your pictures so much!

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