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Willie Weir : December 6th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 6 — Wat Water

There used to be a road from Wat Phu all the way to the temple complex at Angkor Wat. But that was a long time ago. Few tourists get to this small site compared to the granddaddy, Angkor. But for what Wat Phu lacks in grandness, it makes up for in location and intimacy. The site isn’t officially open until 8:30am. So if you ride you bike there in the early morning light, and slip through the unlocked gate, you only have to share the site with locals setting up stuff to sell the tourists later in the morning.

I’ve always thought it is better to be alone at a small site, than to be surrounded by the masses at a big one. Once the climb the many sets of stairs lined with giant blooming plumeria, you are rewarded with a view back toward the Mekong. Many of the Buddha statues are “dressed” in robes, so a flash of orange is the norm when you approach a temple opening.-w

Water is life, and the natural spring in the rock at the Wat Phu complex at Champasak has been venerated since the dawn of time. The spring was before Buddhism, before Hinduism, and dates back to a time when Animism was the belief of the day and pure water was considered sacred. I watched the local vendors fill their bottles for they day. They indicated to me that some drips were only good for bathing, others were for drinking. They had work to do and were quickly on their way, but once they filled their bottles, they made sure mine was properly placed to receive this holy gift. -k.

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