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Willie Weir : December 3rd, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 3 — Beans

As we pass through villages, roadside vending shacks line the road selling whatever produce is in season or whatever resource can be gathered. Sellers hang out all day watching life go by hoping to make a sale as they sit in the shade of their stall. Mostly it’s stalls of papaya right now, so this long-bean seller was the first I had seen. A plot of long-beans was planted along side the road and also a first for me to see them growing. The long-bean is one of my favorite vegetables and I’m so glad I can buy them at home in Seattle too. A meal cooked at home with them always brings back a little taste of Southeast Asia. -k

Maybe it is my tendency towards clutter that drives my admiration for Japanese rock gardens. The perfectly racked patterns of small smooth stones are soothing. This photo reminds me of those gardens. But those aren’t stones. Click on the image to get the bigger picture. This is the Dao coffee factory outside of Pakse, Laos. How big is it? Those tiny figures at the edges of the larger photo are people. That’s a lot of beans! -w

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