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Willie Weir : December 25th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 20

Beyond the barbed wire fence is the courtyard of the school turned torture prison in Phnom Penh. Over 20,000 people were tortured at Tuol Sleng school when the Khmer Rouge turned it into S-21, one of the places they used to extract confessions of individuals who they would later exterminate in the ‘killing fields”. This is one of hundreds of similar prisons throughout Cambodia and a harrowing reminder of man’s inhumanity to man. -k.

After the morning visiting the genocide museum, “banana man” provided some much needed levity in our day. We tried to buy a couple of bananas … but he only deals in bunches. -w

1 comment to Photos of the Day — Dec 20

  • gwyn

    ah, the important distinction to ‘morning visit’ might be
    “mourning visit’. we must never forget. there are no better ambassadors than you two. much love, gwyn

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