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Willie Weir : December 2nd, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 2 — Big and Small

I love these gentle giants. We watched the elephants get their morning bath in the river followed by breakfast. The three elephants at Tadlo had distinct eating styles. One girl delicately twisted off one banana at a time and placed it just so in her mouth. Another took the whole bunch and shoveled it in her mouth letting the inedible stem sift out and fall to the ground. The third one placed her foot on the stem to hold it steady, then broke off a chunk with her trunk. The shoveler finished first, so the delicate eater turned away and the two nibblers continued on peacefully enjoying their meal. -k

Just like a camera with a wide angle to super zoom lens, so goes my own travel vision. Some days it is set firmly on wide angle, taking in everything in sight in one sweeping glance. And then, I dont’ know, the light changes, or something grabs my eye, and I’m in macro-mode. In this land of waterfalls, I’m surrounded by stunning landscapes, but today, the most beautiful thing I saw was an ant crawling on a large green leaf, backlit by the sun. -w

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