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Willie Weir : December 24th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 18

Those good, old machines don’t ever really die, they gets recycled in SE Asian markets. We passed at least 3 shops in Kampong Cham market that were floor to ceiling sewing machines for sale. Perhaps there is a garment factory close by keeping the second-hand traders in full supply. -k.

It pains me to look at this photo taken in Kampong Cham. For each and every one of those scooters represents a bicycle that will never be ridden by its owner again. Cambodia has the same problem that we witnessed in Thailand seven years ago. The entire populace adopts the scooter, and walking and cycling are history. Sidewalks become scooter parking areas. Bikes are ridden only by the very young or the very poor. And the dream of most scooter owners … is to one day own an SUV or pickup truck. The pollution, the dust, the strain on infrastructure is staggering. -w

1 comment to Photos of the Day — Dec 18

  • Andrea

    Merry Christmas, you two! Love the sewing machine photo, we noticed those too when we were there, they are real warhorses. Willie, if it’s any comfort to you, I’ve seen some photos from touring cyclists in Vietnam that indicate e-bikes are the hot new thing there, people are selling their motorbikes and getting electric bicycles. So perhaps the trend toward the gasoline engine is not irreversible. Have a lovely time on the beach and keep on posting all the wonderful photos and messages.
    love, Andrea and Bruce

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