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Willie Weir : October 24th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Oct 24

Dyed silk hangs thick and luscious in the silk weaving district between Mandalay and Saraing. Our pedaling route took us down the narrow roadways in this district where we chanced to see the strands of silk before they become the cloth so admired. The clatter of weaving machines is the other side of this tale. -Kat

We stopped to have lunch before crossing over U Bain’s bridge (longest teak footbridge). The little neighborhood was a buzz with costumed locals getting ready for a festival. We walked over to the temple and watched as they lined up for the processional. Hundreds of people participating and only dozens watching. Believe it or not, this cow’s costume is understated compaired to many of the other outfits we saw. –Willie

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