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Willie Weir : November 6th, 2010

Mystery Caller

Due to recent heavy rains, Kat and I spent a couple of days camped out under a grove of Stone Pine trees a day’s pedal away from Lisbon.

Stone Pines (Pinus pinea) are majestic trees. They look like giant umbrellas and give any campsite a magical ambiance (even when dripping with rain). They are native to Portugal and man has been enjoying the pine nuts they produce since prehistoric times.

Between the waves of heavy showers and winds, we’d get out and walk beneath the canopy of these giants.

Each night, right at sunset, we heard birds calling high up in the pines. I assume they were owls. But I don’t know. I did record one call though.

Mystery Bird Call

Any ornithologists out there? Can you identify this bird by its call?

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

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