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Kat Marriner : October 7th, 2010

Lying in Repose

Today is my birthday. Today is spent confined to our small 6 x 4 foot little yellow tent as the rains come in trickles to bursts and winds come in gusts. Fortunately I love our little yellow tent. I love small spaces. I love a lazy day doing nothing more strenuous than reading and adjusting my thermarest chair. So rarely do I get the opportunity in life to do nothing and not feel guilty about it.

The forecast said 90% chance of rain, and I believe they meant that it would actually rain 90% of the day, which it has. So I was warned and even prepared. Fortunately too, we’ve done this routine before. Our first memorable epic wait out the rain in the tent came in Turkey. Willie remembers it as two nights, I think it was 3, but really it was just a long time. We both agree it was long enough to run out of water and collect rain dripping off the tent fly to make tea or soup mix, or both. We endured some epic rain stops in Colombia, where we waited out most of the day in a lean to on the side of the dirt road. I eventually became so cold that Willie made hot chocolate and wrapped me in my down sleeping bag. Not enough room to set up a tent on that hillside.

Today is particularly easy. Our nylon membrane is enough to make me feel secure. I know that we will read, play some cards, nap, make some tea, nap, read, play some cards, tell stories, laugh, make some tea, and wait out the rain. I feel so good swaddled in my silk sheet and lusciously cozy down bag.

I don’t mind that my birthday is spent lying in repose. A time to reflect, to recharge, to celebrate that I still find joy being stuck in a tent with the one I love.

(October 3, from the little yellow tent in the woods)

8 comments to Lying in Repose

  • Teri Maloughney

    Happy Birthday Kat. I love rainy days in the tent, what a nice way to take a break.

  • Doug & Jan

    Happy Birthday Kat! We are enjoying your posts and pictures very much. How is your sore knee doing?

  • Gwyn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i had it marked on my calendar and did a little toast to you this morning with my coffee.

    What a great way to spend the day. A gift indeed and a delicious indulgence. enjoy every minute of it.

  • Richard Díaz-Cataldo

    Indeed!! Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing every bit of that good vibe!

  • Corrine

    Happy Birthday Kat! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Wish I could send you a yummy Seattle latte!

  • Andrea

    Happy birthday Tentgirl! Sounds cozy and romantic. We think of you every day and check the site just in case you are back in internet land. But every day you aren’t we know you are out in a marvelous countryside seeing wonderful things.

    Have fun, you guys!
    Andrea and Bruce

  • christian swenson

    Happy Birthday Kat, Though it’s now going to be the next day… Sounds like a really nice way to be.

  • Julie

    Hi Kat! We will eat a piece of apple pie for you and your birthday. Cheers!

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