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Willie Weir : September 10th, 2010

Little Yellow Tent

You might have gathered from my bicycle camping series that a tent is on the top of my “essentials list” for bicycle travel.

I know that I am far from alone in this thought. But I bet there are few bicycle travelers out there who have had a song about a tent sung at their wedding.

I proposed to my girlfriend, Kat Marriner, on our first bicycle trip together. It was a four month-journey through the Balkans.

It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. It was often far from romantic. But that journey was the rock-solid foundation of our relationship.

I wrote letters home to my brother (as I often have) from my travels. My brother happens to be a song writer.

What I didn’t know is that he took the words from my letters and fashioned a song from them. A song that I didn’t know he had written until the moment he sang it to Kat and me at our wedding.

We cried then (1997) … and we cry every year on our anniversary when I sing it to Kat. It doesn’t sound as good as when my brother sings it … but the words always ring true.

Little Yellow Tent

And to think my brother could have purchased us a set of silverware instead.

Dream. Pedal. Travel. Repeat.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

3 comments to Little Yellow Tent

  • Willie, and Kat,

    I have been lucky enough to hear your brother sing many times, and he has one of the most u affected, naturally wonderful voices I have ever heard! I am glad you treasure the song he wrote for you.

    Have a greet time in Spain, etc.

    I took my firstself-supported mini bike tour 2 months ago:
    That was what was within reach. Loved it all!

    Happy trails, Paula Joy


    if my own ducts are any indication, I have no idea how you continued with the wedding.

  • Martha Kight

    I am a happy, smiling wreck. I see you are not the only wonderful and talented person in your family, my old friend. 🙂 Completely beautiful on several levels. I hope soem day to actually connect with you on a trip through Sacramento, and to meet your intrepid bride.
    Happy travels!!

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