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Kat Marriner : September 18th, 2009

I Slow for Art

Painted circle

Painted circle

Citizens of  Portland  on occasion have taken it into their own hands to calm traffic in their neighborhoods. We  rode our bikes over a hand-painted traffic circle at a wide and inviting intersection otherwise unmarked. Further along Alberta is a playful house with whimsical shapes painted on the street. I have no idea if this is legal, but it certainly made us take notice … take the time to stop and look. And isn’t that what we want at  intersections? Hurray for those artist’s statements.

eye-catching, car-slowing art

eye-catching, car-slowing art

2 comments to I Slow for Art

  • It’s great having met you while we were doing similar trips. I find your blog entries add to what I learned while cycling around Portland. I hope my flickr set of Portland Bikes pictures does the same thing for you.

  • Kat Marriner

    Great to hear from you John! Looking forward to seeing your photos and comments.

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