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Willie Weir : October 19th, 2011

High on the Steens

Four years ago I read an article in Adventure Cyclist by Chuck Haney about a ride he had done in southeastern Oregon. It was the Steens Mountain loop.

Chuck mentions that the Steens loop sounded great, but he had always kept it on the back burner.

Well. If you like climbing, vistas to die for, glacial gorges, day hikes to mountain lakes, and don’t mind pedaling off the pavement … put this trip on your front burner.

Your window of time to visit is limited (the higher road didn’t open until mid-July this year), but it is well worth the planning and the wait.

For mileage hounds, this is one of those trips where less is more. How could anyone want to rush with scenery like this?

Check out Chuck’s article (pdf) for more details.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

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