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Kat Marriner : September 18th, 2009

Engineering with Paint

A little paint goes a long way

A little paint goes a long way

We’ve logged mile after mile on Portland’s designated bicycle boulevards. They are marvelous routes crisscrossing the city on quiet, residential streets extending for for blocks or miles to get us to most neighborhoods. Along many boulevard intersections are 4-way stops (and I hear of movement to make a “rolling stop” legal) or small traffic circles to keep vehicle traffic from using these streets as cut-throughs.  Today we were heading east on Tillamook and I realized only stripes of paint served to slow traffic and give direction for where bikes would cross a challenging intersection. So simple. So safe and effective.

Similarly simple and effective are bike lanes in high-traffic areas that are painted bright green with “bike boxes” where bikes would gathering ahead of cars to cross when a light turns green. This gives drivers and cyclists clear direction on where each should go. The cost to society? The price of paint and a traffic engineers time to identify the elegantly simple solution.

1 comment to Engineering with Paint

  • I tried out the SE Harrison and Ankeny bicycle boulevards the evening before meeting you and Willie on the Hawthorne Bridge. What impressed me was how the signage and routing made it easy to get to or from the various bridges over the Willamette River.

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