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Willie Weir : November 8th, 2010

Castelo de Vide

You’ve won over our hearts. You, of all the cities we’ve visited, have vaulted to the top of the list. The place we’ll dream of returning.

You had plenty of competition–Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon.

Maybe it was the sight of your white-washed buildings against a blue sky, your parks of sculpted shrubbery, your ancient winding cobbled streets, your kindly barber, your fortress with views to forever.

Perhaps it was your cuisine–succulent roasted goat, heavenly pizza, and a custard pastry that dreams are made of.

Or maybe it was simply the weather–a crisp, clear day that managed to be both deliciously warm and cool at the same time.

It was all of those … and more.

3 comments to Castelo de Vide

  • Dolly Craft

    I have fallen in love with Portugal thanks to you – now to figure out how to get there and “see the sights” and enjoy the biking.

  • Noni Weir

    Now I REALLY wish I was the mascot on your handlebars. Beautiful countryside…and the food makes my mouth water. Did you ever determine what kind of bird that was in the stone pines?

  • Martha Kight

    Once again, I am reduced to tears and filled with saudade. I begin to run short of words to rhapsodize – I hope “Thank You” will suffice.

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