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Willie Weir : September 14th, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist

The city bike journey begins at the AMTRAK station in Portland

The city bike journey begins at the AMTRAK station in Portland

Every bike trip I’ve ever done begins with landing in a city … and getting out as fast as possible. The trip doesn’t really begin until you get out into the countryside and set up your tent.

But what if rather than having a city as a starting point, the city WAS the adventure?

We are setting off for a week long bike trip … in Portland. Fully loaded. Tent. Stove. Most everything on our bikes that we would have for a 3 month trip to Colombia or Turkey or Thailand. Portland’s reputation as the most bicycle friendly city in the country is well known. We’ll spend a week finding out why.

We have visited Portland before. But how will our experience differ while pedaling around the city on a couple of fully-loaded touring bikes?

The norm for a city tour would be to set up base camp at a hotel or hostel and then do day trips throughout the city. We will attempt a week without the hotel option.

Where will we sleep? We’re not sure. In small towns and out in the country it is easy to find a place to pitch a tent. But there are lots of folks with plenty of lawn space to pitch a tent in Portland. Will Portlanders be receptive to a knock on a door from a couple of travelers? Or will the CITY mentality prevail. We’ll see.

3 comments to Bicycle Travel–With a Twist

  • Mom & Dad

    Happy to see you’ve “landed”. Looks like a stellar day in Portland. Outlook for the week is equally beautiful. We’re anxious to learn about the hospitality of Portlanders. We send our love.

  • annemal

    Just wondering what you do with your panniers when you go into a restaurant/cafe. Do you lock up your bikes outside and leave your bags locked/strapped on? Do you haul them all in with you?

  • We carry a small cable lock for our bikes. When stopping at a restaurant/cafe, we make sure we get a window seat. Our handlebar bags come in with us, while the rest of the bags stay out on the bikes.

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