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Willie Weir : September 21st, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist–Lodging Report

Alright. A week-long bicycle journey in the city limits of Portland with no hotel reservations. How did we do it?

Crashed on the floor of a delightful couple we met on the river trail.

Camped on Sauvie Island. Camping costs $17, but it’s $12 if you arrive by bike.

Camped in the backyard of our old Beacon Hill neighbor Albert. We ran into him at the Cup and Saucer Cafe.

Slept on a futon at Ruben’s house. We met Ruben up on Mt. Tabor Park. Wednesdays are car-free.

Camped on the property of Eric and Mary. They live high up off of McNamee Rd on land they purchased and re-forested. Planting more than 2,000 trees!

Camped in the garden of our friends Bruce and Andrea. We met them on the border of Thailand and Burma on our SE Asia bike trip.

Total lodging cost: $12
New found friends and a connection with Portland we never could have achieved on a package tour with hotels: Priceless!

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