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Willie Weir : March 22nd, 2012


Let’s get right into the down and dirty of bicycle touring. What about laundry?

If you are on a route with plenty of hotels and/or laundromats, the answer is pretty obvious. But what about those journeys far enough off the beaten track where laundry facilities are not an option?

This is where my […]

Willie Weir : September 16th, 2009

Lodging Sunday night: Are you Willie?

Kelly, Ben and Silka

Our goal is to spend a week traveling in Portland with camping supplies in tow, and see what happens. No hotels. No hostel.

This is easy out in the countryside or in small towns, but cities can be lonely places crammed with lots of people.

“Are you Willie?” I turned […]

Willie Weir : September 14th, 2009

Bicycle Travel–With a Twist

The city bike journey begins at the AMTRAK station in Portland

Every bike trip I’ve ever done begins with landing in a city … and getting out as fast as possible. The trip doesn’t really begin until you get out into the countryside and set up your tent.

But what if rather than having […]