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Willie Weir : January 31st, 2014

The Reluctant Traveler — Update, or “Did you really buy your dog a car?”

This post is an update on Tiva (aka The Reluctant Traveler), our rescue dog we adopted last year. My column in the Feb 2014 edition of Adventure Cyclist magazine talks about our journey with an amazing, but fearful, dog. Below are answers to questions many people have asked.

Isn’t […]

Willie Weir : December 24th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 18

Those good, old machines don’t ever really die, they gets recycled in SE Asian markets. We passed at least 3 shops in Kampong Cham market that were floor to ceiling sewing machines for sale. Perhaps there is a garment factory close by keeping the second-hand traders in full supply. -k.

It pains me to look […]

Willie Weir : December 4th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Dec 4 — Free and Not so Easy

Free Wifi. Whether you pronounce it “why-fie” or “wee-fee”, you better have it if you run a guest house or coffee shop or bakery where the travel crowd/back packers roam. And forget about charging for it. That is so 2007. Wife is the new hot water. The new cable tv. The new essential amenity […]

Willie Weir : November 21st, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 21

I had to go to Bangkok’s central train station to get tickets for our journey east to Ubon. I was trying to find the baggage department where we will take our bikes to be weighed, and I stumbled upon this Buddha all packed up for travel. At least I think it is a Buddha. Could […]

Willie Weir : November 20th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 20

A quick flight and we were back in Bangkok. Back to our familiar neighborhood near the National Stadium sky train station. This group of women construction workers were lined up at a street side stall for dinner. They have been busy building a new highrise hotel around the corner. -w

It’s already beginning to look […]

Willie Weir : November 15th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 15

Cycling down from the mountain highlands into Mandalay, we passed the roadside flower market. Bushels of chyrsanthemums lined the streets. This driver is getting a giant bundle of flowers strapped to her scooter. She would later pass us, likely en route to a sell outside a temple. -k

From a distance, I was confused. The […]

Willie Weir : August 27th, 2012

Bike Trip Theme Songs

Every bicycle journey has a theme song. At least all of mine do. A tune that fits the mood of the journey … or describes the place you are pedaling through … or sometimes it’s just the tune that is incessantly playing on every radio.

“White Bird” by It’s a Beautiful Day became the […]

Willie Weir : April 9th, 2012

The Decision

In the 2011 Oct/Nov issue of Adventure Cyclist I wrote a column titled The Decision. It got a lot of responses. I recently read the column on Weekday, a show on public radio station KUOW in Seattle.

Before you listen, although the piece is not overly graphic in nature, please note that […]

Willie Weir : November 29th, 2011

My Kind of Cathedral

The cold November rains have come and my mind drifts off to warmer places on the planet. While we are slamming into winter here in the U.S., New Zealand is sliding into summer.

If you have the pleasure of taking a bike trip in New Zealand, don’t miss the cathedral. While I know there […]

Willie Weir : November 8th, 2011

Redefining “Crowded”

When you read the word “crowded” what images come to mind? How about “crowded room” or “crowded bar” or “crowded bus”?

A couple of definitions I ran across were, “close to capacity” and “uncomfortably close together.”

But what is “capacity” and what is “uncomfortable”?

Let’s take the situation of putting your bike […]