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Willie Weir : August 27th, 2012

Bike Trip Theme Songs

Every bicycle journey has a theme song. At least all of mine do. A tune that fits the mood of the journey … or describes the place you are pedaling through … or sometimes it’s just the tune that is incessantly playing on every radio.

“White Bird” by It’s a Beautiful Day became the […]

Kat Marriner : August 21st, 2012

Living the Golden Life

Haines – Haines Junction – Whitehorse – Carcross – Skagway. The golden circle, traveled first as trading routes, then by gold miners seeking fortune, followed by cyclists with computers and dri-wick clothing, remains golden.

We certainly couldn’t have timed our ride around the golden circle any better. But it didn’t feel like anything short […]

Kat Marriner : August 9th, 2012


Willie, Carole and Lou hike in the Mt Roberts rainforest

The Yellow Tent is in Alaska! Touched down in Juneau and got swooped up by friends Lou and Carole, whom Willie met years ago as a bicycle tour guide. Carole and Lou treated us in “Alaska-style” feasting on halibut for lunch and Carole’s amazing […]