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Kat Marriner : January 25th, 2011

Portugal: The Where We Were

When we say we cycled Portugal, we mean it! Portugal is about the size of Indiana and friends joked we could see it in a week. Instead of hitting just the highlights, we took our time wandering the back roads as much as possible and exploring the major cities too. It was luxurious to focus on such a small region getting to know it intimately. The landscape changed daily and the culture and cuisine is distinctively different north to south. Wine is delicious everywhere! In three months, we pedaled 2,934.7 kilometers (1,823.5 miles) by crossing the country SIX times. Still, there are places we didn’t seeā€¦

Kat and Willie's bike route through Portugal

3 comments to Portugal: The Where We Were

  • Wow! What a cool idea. My husband and I were in Portugal last April and absolutely loved it. We felt like it was Europe’s hidden secret. We rented a car and saw tons of Portugal’s country side, but biking it, Wow, that just sounds fantastic. Will you guys write more on this experience?

    -All the best,

  • Jorge Santos

    I’m a Portuguese native and I wanted to congratulate you because you captured the essence of country which although small is quite diverse. Congrats.

  • Alan

    What an amazing trip! It looks SO impressive on the map. It makes my excursions around southern Spain look pretty insignificant. Well done!

    Best regards

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