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Willie Weir : October 28th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Oct 28

After a long sick day in a hotel that was too expensive to want to stay longer, we decided to jump forward by taking a bus from Monywa to Nyaung U to see Bagan. We didn’t know how it would all work, but the bikes were loaded on the top of the bus along with all the other cargo. Taking a tip from other cyclists, we packed 4 of our panniers in one large poly-bag. It too went on top along with our large duffle. Not realizing just how tightly packed the inside of the bus would be, we sat sardine style with knees up to accommodate wheel wells and extra cargo below and guys squeezed in the isle to make full use of the space. -kat

This woman awaits to see if her luggage survived the bus ride from Monywa to Nyang U. Her bags, our bikes were strapped on top of the bus. All the seats filled up on the bus. Then they brought small plastic stools, so others could sit in the aisle … we would soon learn, weren’t even close to capacity. -willie

1 comment to Photos of the Day — Oct 28

  • Noni/Mom

    Great pictures. Why do some women, and not others, have their cheeks painted with a brush stroke of white?
    It was so nice to find picture after picture all of a sudden on Yellow Tent sight. It has made me feel like I’ve been on-a-trip. I’m so glad everyone is friendly and welcoming. You can relax…and I know you weren’t certain how you would be treated. I’m sure your days will continue to be eventful and happy. My love goes with you. Noni/Mom

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