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Willie Weir : October 26th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Oct 26

After along ride to Monywa, we were once again strolling the night market in search of food. There is food everywhere, but not always something you know you want to eat. This stand makes only a green papaya, tomato, pepper, shallot salad with crispy, tasty, fiery bits all dripping with lime juice. The large clay mortar and pestle used to pound the fresh ingredients into deliciousness pose for my camera while the chef is a blur of motion. -kat

If you are going to eat street food (and we eat a lot), you want to make sure that the fire and the pan are hot. It is amazing how ingenious people can be. One woman built a hot wood fire two feet from traffic. She used an old car bumper as a heat shield. -willie

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