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Willie Weir : October 25th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Oct 25

Many roadside restaurants at the crossroads as we pedaled to Shwebo. We stopped and pondered which we should eat at, until a smiling face and a wave from a woman drew us into this eatery. Not many touring cyclists at this intersection, I’m just going to guess. Everyone watched as we devoured fried vegetables and samosas. A young girl approached our table and I took out my camera. She pasted a huge smile on her face. It was a fun shot, but when she got distracted by someone in the restaurant, this is the image I captured. -willie

On a dinner-time stroll through Shwebo, we came upon these beautiful young women making something like crepes on an open fire at the night market. We ordered two and sat down on the tiniest chairs and watched the practiced chef confident in her craft. It was as delicious and cheap as it was fun to watch. -kat

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