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Willie Weir : November 30th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 30 — Off the Pavement

We decided to give up the easy ride on pavement for a secondary road. It was only 45 kilometers, much of that downhill, but it took us all day. The muddy, rocky road wound its way through coffee plantations and small villages. Not many large vehicles take this route. So heavily packed scooters act as mobile stores. You can buy bread, snacks, popsicles, or even kitchen supplies. Just listen for the honking of the hand horn (like the ones the clowns use in the circus) and head out to the road. I suppose if you are a repeat customer, the scooter store will drive right up to your front porch. -w

pod 11-30
Getting off the main road and on the dirt track has so many benefits, but most of all, it’s the chance to get up close with local people. We passed a school yard and children flocked to wave and say hello to the falang (foreigners). The held back just beyond the fence until Willie reached into his bag and then they poured over the fence and surrounded him. I’m sure they all hoped he had a giant bag of lollies to hand out, but they laughed and were like kids at a circus as he did his juggling routine.

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