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Willie Weir : November 27th, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 27

We weren’t going to make it into Laos yesterday. We had already decided to hang out at the border town so we could cycle in cooler weather. But an email informed us that our cycling friends Sergai and Adrienn had just pedaled into Pakse, only 40 kilometers away. That was motivation enough to cross. We celebrated today with a dinner at a Mekong riverside restaurant. Never thought I’d put ice in my beer, but I have to admit, it tasted really good. Of course, with a view like this, anything would taste good.-w

This is a common site in any hotel room. There is some strange and likely dangerous electrical configurations for the lights, fan and outlets, then we plug in as many electrical devices as we can. Most rooms only have one outlet, but we brought a big, 3-outlet multi-plug with 2 USB ports and the standard round-prong, 2-pin adaptor. It’s working surprisingly well to keep our notebook, tablet, iPhone, 2 cameras and kindle charged and ready. Ridiculous really. -k.

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