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Willie Weir : November 23rd, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 23

I love trains. Always have. A big train station with many tracks shooting out into the distance to “who knows where,” scream out to all of those with a bit of wanderlust. We were looking forward to booking a 2nd class sleeper on the train from Bangkok to Ubon, but all those tickets were sold out. So we ended up with just 2nd class seats. -w

We had such good memories and high hopes as we planned our overnight train from Bangkok to Uban Ratchatani. We took the reverse trip 7 years ago and were charmed by our 2nd class sleeper accommodations as each seat became a bed complete with starched, white sheets and pillow and little privacy curtain. It was with great sadness we boarded the 2nd Class “You No Sleep” train. No sleeper births available. No lights out. No comfy bed. No white sheets. We were upright with glaring bright lights and decrepit fan swirling to beat the band, but doing little to relieve the thick night air. -k.

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