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Willie Weir : November 22nd, 2012

Photos of the Day — Nov 22

Our plan for high culture at the National Theatre of Bangkok was inexplicably canceled, so instead we opted for a stroll around the Silpakorn University art department and several of the galleries on campus. The school had an impressive foundry workshop where many of the great historical sculptures of Thailand were created. Seeing this sculpture class at work as they molded clay based on the model brought the history full circle. -k.

If this photo doesn’t say “Thailand” to you … then you haven’t been there. Almost seven thousand 7-Elevens can be found here. At least half of them are in Bangkok. So if you are looking for a bag of shrimp chips, a cold beer or soy milk, or a supersize Ovaltine out of the soda dispenser … they are never far away. -w

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