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Willie Weir : December 9th, 2012

Photos of the Day–Dec 9

Another amazing sunrise on the Mekong. I really can’t get enough of this river. It was to be one of the most peaceful bodies of water on the planet. I got up and walked the 50 feet from our hotel room to the bank of the river as the glow and warmth of the sun began to heat of the day. We are staying in the same hotel on Don Khong island as we did seven years ago. The hotel added an outdoor eating deck. Some more hotels have sprung up. But everything else is pretty much the same.

There are large pylons being constructed just down river. Meaning a bridge is coming to Don Khong. That will surely change things. Not sure I’d want to stay here seven years from now. -w

This is a typical gas station with tapped 50 gallon drum of fuel, or you could get gas “to go” in plastic containers. Not so typical is the sexy calendar-girl posters decorating the shop. Raciest eye candy I’ve seen in Southeast Asia. -k.

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