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Kat Marriner : August 21st, 2012

Living the Golden Life

Haines – Haines Junction – Whitehorse – Carcross –  Skagway. The golden circle, traveled first as trading routes, then by gold miners seeking fortune, followed by cyclists with computers and dri-wick clothing, remains golden.

We certainly couldn’t have timed our ride around the golden circle any better. But it didn’t feel like anything short of the gods smiling on us – a gift from the universe to make our way easier. The rains cleared, sun came out, mosquitoes called it quits, bears were more interested in berries than the turkey jerky in our kit. The grades over mountain pass have been tamed, worn down over the millennium by those who came before us. The landscape seemingly barren of civilization was sprinkled with friendly waves and easy conversations where people congregate. Fresh baked treats, fair-trade coffee and spruce-tipped beer were welcome rewards.

The golden circle gave us a taste of northern grandeur, a small bite we’ll savor until we return again.

7 comments to Living the Golden Life

  • Justine and Brad

    Glad Alaska and SE AK was good to you and we look forward to your future adventures and hope to see you again soon. Justine

  • Tom Bertulis

    What lovely photos – that lake looks so peaceful!


  • Joanne McD

    Lovely description and photos. I’m living vicariously. Thanks for sharing.

  • Scott Marriner

    You certainly got a wonderful break on the weather. Your photos are sooooooooo inviting!

  • Barb Culp

    Makes me want to go to Alaska and that’s a first for me!

  • Roy Dando

    Laurie and I plan to bike from Haines City to Seattle next summer after a ferry ride up from Seattle. Any special equipment you recommend for riding and wildlife? We are riding a Santana tandem with Bob trailer and are hoping to get by with the standard road tires we have used on other trips. Is the camping on your own or are there campgrounds all along the way?

    Great pics by the way and enjoy the Far East!

  • Kat Marriner

    The loop we were on from Haines to Haines Junction to Whitehorse to Skagway had good roads and fine for standard road tires. We hit one 10 mile section where they were repaving and it was down to gravel, so that would have been tough. The guide car did offer to haul through a section though, but we were fine. We found campgrounds, but water still needed to be filtered or treated. No showers in the campgrounds we stayed at either. You can always store your food in garbage cans (lift the back side where the bag is inserted) when overnight camping. One night in a primitive CG we did hang our food pannier from a tree. It was comical to see us achieve this feat, but we slept better for it. We carried bear spray and saw both grizzly and black bear, but of course didn’t need to use it. Binoculars are a must. Have a great ride!

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