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Willie Weir : December 24th, 2010

Holiday Medley

Holiday shoppers pop out the umbrellas in Sevilla, Spain

Our latest bike journey ended in the beautiful city of Sevilla (Seville), Spain.

I’m a sucker for Christmas/holiday music and also a huge fan of street performers. These musicians add life to any city. And I love being in the crush of holiday crowds … especially when I’m observing, rather than shopping.

As we wandered through the streets of Sevilla, I recorded the street performers we encountered. Quite an eclectic bunch. In the United States, once Thanksgiving has rolled by, the songs you will hear performed on the streets is pretty much limited to the canon of 20-30 holiday tunes. I still love them. But some variety would be welcome.

Well. That’s what we got. Sure, we heard some traditional tunes. But street musicians in Sevilla do not all march to the holiday tune drum … unless you consider “Knights in White Satin” a holiday classic.

Happy Holidays from Spain.

May your days be merry and bright. And may all your bicycle gear be light.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

2 comments to Holiday Medley

  • Willie. We are on a multi year bike trip ( we almost crossed paths in Seattle ) and just about to go down to Portugal. It is of course a strange time of year to go and tour there and to be honest we are just going to bike around before we cross Europe.
    So, the question is, what are the three things we should not miss? Any thoughts on that.
    Keep on inspiring people – we spoke to so many people who you had touched in the USA.


  • Warren. Weather depending …
    #1–the wild western coastline south of Lisbon,
    #2–the little town of Castelo de Vide, near the Spain border
    #3–Serra de Estrella, the valle de zezere. This whole region is spectacular!! Of course, if may be under snow right now.

    To be honest. There wasn’t an area of Portugal we didn’t like. Enjoy!!!

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