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Willie Weir : September 18th, 2011

Countdown Redux

Last week I confessed my obsession of photographing house numbers during our bike journey in Portugal.

I realize the short “video” might have had a certain entertainment value, but probably fell far short of convincing the viewer that they should hop on a bike and tour there.

I now present “Countdown Redux”. Twenty-one images that should whet your traveler’s appetite and have you dreaming of your own bike trip through Portugal or somewhere, anywhere on this incredible planet.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

2 comments to Countdown Redux

  • Martha Kight

    You had me at 20. A year ago! 🙂
    Though I might not be able to bike it, my craving to go to Portugal is ever-growing… I even found a wonderful iPad Portuguese language app! So far, I have almost gotten the “ĂŁo” sound. You must start somewhere!!!

    Thank you for re-visiting Portugal – such a magical place.

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