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Willie Weir : October 11th, 2011

Sights and Sounds (Celebrating 100 posts … and counting)

For the last two years I’ve been writing posts for the Adventure Cycling Association‘s blog. My column is called “Sights and Sounds” and I’ve been given the freedom to dig through photos (slides and digital) and recordings (cassette, mini-disc, and and digital) from my (our) travels by bicycle throughout the globe. Some I’ve re-posted on this site, many others I have not.

The photos below link to those posts. If you see a photo that intrigues you … click on it. It will take you on a little mini-adventure. You could find yourself on the dramatic coast of Portugal or up in the highlands of Lesotho. You could end up listening to a impromptu violin concert or the final seconds of a rugby match. And you just might find yourself dreaming of your own travels.

When you do travel, I’d suggest you do it by bike. But that’s not necessary. Even if it’s been decades since you’ve pedaled a bike, I’d bet you could still find beauty and inspiration buried in these links. Browse, click and travel. Enjoy!

Willie Weir : December 8th, 2010

Alentejo Coast, Portugal

Willie Weir : November 25th, 2010


Willie Weir : November 23rd, 2010


Willie Weir : November 11th, 2010


Willie Weir : October 27th, 2010


Willie Weir : October 24th, 2010

Costa da Prata (The Silver Coast)

Willie Weir : October 18th, 2010

Coimbra, Portugal