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Willie Weir : July 14th, 2011

Bicycle Lingering

We always talk about bicycle travel. But what about bicycle lingering?

Bicycle lingering is that ability to stop forward motion, pause, and soak up what is around you.

Cafes. Ice cream parlors. Roadside restaurants. City parks. Riverside picnic tables. They all call out for you to park your bike and linger.

I am amazed at how many bike travelers hop on their bikes for a day’s ride and rarely stop. Sure, they might stop to fix a flat or to take off a jacket, or to pause to look at their map. But “lingering” isn’t in their vocabulary. They zoom to their next destination and check into a hotel or campsite.

What’s the hurry? As far as I know there is no podium to stand on at the end of a day of bike travel.

Unlike a bicycle race, I believe it is more likely for the participant who arrives last at the end of a day’s ride, to have reaped the most rewards.

Learn the art of lingering and you will be a better traveler for it.

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.

1 comment to Bicycle Lingering

  • I agree TOTALLY with this blog post. I would rather take my time and REALLY see what’s around me, eat the local food, meet the local people, shop in the stores – – get a real feel for a place. I will never forget a place when I’ve tasted it like that. 🙂

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