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Kat and Willie in Cartegena, Colombia

Kat and Willie in Cartegena, Colombia

Willie Weir and Kat Marriner have explored the world together by bicycle since 1996. Long distance bicycle journeys introduced them to far-off places and a simpler lifestyle. Bringing that adventure home to Seattle, they donated their car and gained new insight on their city living by foot, bicycle and transit.

Willie Weir is the author of Travels with Willie and Spokesongs, a columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine and is known to public radio listeners for his commentaries aired on KUOW in Seattle, Washington. His writings have appeared in newspapers across the country and earned him a gold and bronze Lowell Thomas Award, given by the Society of American Travel Writers. He has cycled over 60,000 miles throughout the world.

From board rooms to classrooms to lecture halls, Willie entertains, motivates, and inspires. His speaking programs appeal to anyone with a love for adventure and desire for challenge.

Kat Marriner is a freelance graphic designer and marketing project manager. Kat rode her bike to school and work for years, but had never ridden with bike panniers or gone more than 25 miles in a day when she joined Willie on a 4 month bicycle journey through the Balkans. She has now cycled in 14 countries, but is also happy exploring her Beacon Hill neighborhood on foot.


Zeb loves beerlao

Zeb joined the cycling team on a journey through the Deep South of the United States during the early Bush years. We nearly lost him once to an alligator, but he was discovered safely tucked away in the pannier instead of the belly of the gator. Zeb is an enthusiastic cheerleader when he’s not a complaining about some sore body part or speaking truths when truth is painful.

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