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Willie Weir : February 22nd, 2011

You Choose the Show

Update: I am God: Cycling India won by a large margin. So India it is!

You can buy tickets in advance here.
Cascade Bicycle Club’s Presentation Series
I am God: Cycling India
Tuesday, April 12, 7PM
REI, Seattle

Even under the threat of snow, the crowds came out and packed REI’s Seattle flagship store for Any Port in a Storm: Cycling and Wild Camping Through Portugal as part of the presentation series of the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Due to the success of the show, Cascade has asked me to present again on April 12th. But I haven’t chosen the show yet. I’ve been giving presentations at REI and Bike Expo since 1994–when slide projectors reigned supreme and no one knew what a world wide web was. I often have folks ask, “I missed the India show. Will you ever be doing it again?” Or, “I’m planning a trip to Turkey, are you presenting that show in the Seattle area?”

Here’s your chance to influence which show I present in April. Reply to this post with the show you’d most like to see from the list below. I’ll tally your choices (along with the votes I get from my audience at Bike Expo and my email list) and the show that comes out on top will be presented on April 12th.

And the choices are: (vote totals: final)
I am God: Cycling India (31)
Fear and Hospitality: Cycling South Africa (15)
So Close and Yet So Far Away: Cycling Cuba (5)
The Bad Road: Cycling Turkey (6)
A Tale of Twos: Cycling Thailand and Laos (9)

Please only vote if you live close enough to actually attend the show. I’ll announce the winner soon after Bike Expo (March 12 & 13).

Willie Weir : February 11th, 2011

The Seven Wanders of Your World

If I asked you to list the Seven Wonders of the World, would you be able to do it?

You would first have to ask me, “Which seven wonders?”

There are many lists: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Seven Wonders of the Modern World … the Natural World … the Underwater World.

No matter what answers you gave, somebody or some organization would disagree with you.

But here is a much more important question, and one that you’ll always get right.

What are the Seven WANDERS of YOUR World?

Where do you want to travel? It is a simple question that I find many people don’t ask themselves. What are your travel dreams? Pedaling across the U.S.? Your own state? Alaska to Tierra del Fuego? A grand world tour?

Dream big. Dream small. Weekenders to no-time-limit life changers.

Now. Write them down. At least seven of them. You can include more … it’s your list. Remember, there are no wrong answers and your list is always “subject to change.”

I’ll get things started. Here’s my current list:

Burma (Myanmar)
ACA’s Great Divide Route

Are these my/our next seven trips? Probably not. The next place we tour might not even be on the list. But every trip begins with a dream.

Whenever someone asks me about bicycle travel, I ask them where they want to go. It is amazing how often the answer is, “I don’t know. I just want to travel.”

Take it a step further. Seven steps further.

Make a list.

Seven correct answers that are always subject to change.

What are the seven wanders of your world?

Originally posted on the Adventure Cycling Association’s blog.